Galactic Finance ROADMAP.

1st Quarter of 2022

Launch Social Media Channels Promote the GL.XT Token / Build Website
Create the Taken
Airdrop Campaion

2nd Quarter of 2022

Presale / Launch Pancake swap or Pool
List on two exchanges with low fee’s
Create the Galactic DEX exchange / Swap DEX On – Chain Multi – signature Wallet Prospector Reward / Staking / Faucet app

3rd Quarter of 2022

List GLXT on more exchanges List Top 500 coins on Galactic DEX (AMM)
Continue to Grow social media

4th Quarter of 2022

Start on GXLT coin and its Blockchain
Create online governance of real life people
Marketing for Galactic Exchange

1st Quarter of 2023

Build and Launch Galactic Exchange
Cloud Vaults – Wallets – Data protocols
Promote and start development on 30FT system
Add more tokens on Galactic Exchange
Complete 30FT system and Launch

2nd Quarter of 2023

Create 30FT / NFT marketplace into exchange
Promote Minting 30FT’s and NFT’s
Expand to 2nd and 3rd world countries