Galactic Finance Team

We have a solid team led by Anthony Black, We have a track record of successful startups under our belt.

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Anthony Black – CEO
(aka AB GALACTIC in the crypto community)
Twitter Profile @Anthonynblack
AB is the founder and CEO of Express Mobile Service, a company that provides
mechanical services to high end cars and also vintage cars. Jacksonville, Florida
As soon as the Galactic Finance exchange launches, AB will remain a shareholder of
Express Mobile Service, but will relinquish all of his management duties to a new
CEO. AB will focus exclusively on Galactic Finance.

Scott Alsteen -COO
(aka Scott Galactic in the crypto community)
Twitter Profile @Scottalsteen
Scott is a co-founder and the COO. He has been working in the telecommunications
industry for 10+ years, responsible for training young telecom teams, designing the
high level architecture of the telecoms and communications systems.

Our Mission

On May 9th 2022 LUNA / UST Collapsed because it’s a big rug pull. We’re launching a secured listing system to bring rug pulls to -99% Don’t wanna hear it again, EVER
We have gnosis safe wallet to help us sign a contract that makes the founding team of any project impossible to sell upto 90% of their token and rug pull others. It’s a simple system. When two people are signees in a bank account of $1 million. One person can’t remove the money without the signature of the other person, WHICH WE DON’T DO WITHOUT PROPER REVIEW AND NECCESITY. EVER

Our vision

Our vision is to develop a top utility token which will start by using the BSC
Blockchain.Galactic will develop a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol and a ecosystem that delivers decentralized trade and exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain Block-chain which can offer’s exceptional speeds and cheap transaction costs.
Later a P2P exchange will be added to the Galactic ecosystem. As well as a multi-network 3DFT marketplace and minting capability for the trade and sale of 3D
gaming assets created by artist and content creators of the community.