Welcome 3D content creators, our 3DFT system will give you a platform to mint your creations, sell them and see them utilized within games, such as Play to Earn, Metaverse and conventional games.

3DFT  is a new type of NFT system. Content creators, 3d modelers, animation artists, texture artists and conventional NFT’s. 3DFTs will unlock the trading, investing and useability of 3D content for games of all types. PC platforms, metaverse, play to earn and much more.

Blockchain based layer 2 minting, trade and marketplace. 3DFT is used to mint a parent and child NFT type. The parent contains the NFT and ownership data, and the child file is a .fbx type file containing the 3D asset. Once minted they can be imported to a game. Some assets can have their own particular usage or made for a specific game we have partnered. These 3DFT assets can be a 1 of 1 or many variations such as regular NFT’s. Ownership of these 3DFT’s can be traded just as any NFT is today. Galactic will host its own minting and marketplace.